Kuuk Wine Aerator Pourer


New 6-Speed Wine Aerator allows you & your guests to enjoy the perfect glass of wine in seconds!

Instantly Aerate your Wine
Ensure the best possible tasting experience at home with this instant wine aerator. It takes only seconds to fully aerate your wine from bottle to glass and this new, innovative aerator is sure to impress your guests!

Get the Most Out of Your Favourite Wines
Proper wine aeration allows many of the more undesirable parts of the wine to evaporate – unpleasant smelling compounds like sulfites, sulfides and ethanol. That means all that’s left is the more aromatic, flavourful elements for you to enjoy.

Your Choice of 6 Speeds
The Kuuk wine aerator is equipped with state of the art technology that allows you to choose one of six different aeration speeds – choose based on the wine’s age, variety, or your own personal preference.

Multi-Step Aeration Process
Watch as your wine passes through a comprehensive aeration process – first there’s Umbrella Aeration, before your wine is then sent through the wine aeration staging area with 32 tiny holes that allow it to fully breathe. Finally, the flow meter regulates for the perfect pour as wine fills your glass.

Sleek & Stylish Kitchen Gadget
The attractive design of this wine aerator is right at home in any modern kitchen, with clear space-age plastic and brushed stainless steel combining to provide a sleek, stylish look.