Kuuk Vacuum Food thermos Lunch Box


Pack multi-part lunches and keep all your food hot, fresh, and separate until it’s time to eat!

3-Compartment Lunch Box
Pack up to 3 different foods in the same lunchbox together without mixing them at all. Each separate compartment in your Kuuk food container is individually sealed to prevent leakage, and ensures that at mealtime your food is just as fresh and delicious as when you packed it.

Keeps Food Hot for Long Periods
Double-vacuum insulation technology means this container retains a layer of air between its two stainless steel walls, not allowing the outside environment to affect the temperature of your food for long periods of time.

High-Quality, Food-Grade Materials
This container is made from 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel and silicone – only high quality materials that will never rust, bend or break with regular use.

Pack Large Meals & Snacks
This container features a large 58oz/ 1.8 quart capacity, meaning you can pack big and hearty multi-part meals for lunch or dinner. You can also use the extra compartments for snacks to accompany your main meal.

Easy to Clean
Your container is dishwasher safe and cleans easily in the top rack – with no dishwasher, simply wash by hand with warm soapy water in the sink.