Kuuk Silicone Cupcake Molds


Add some color to your kitchen!

Why not spice up your baking habits? Add a pop of vibrant color to your next batch of muffins with our silicone cupcake molds! They’re sure to grab the attention of your kids and grandkids -they’ll be asking you to let them help with the baking!

Easy to use cake liners

Baking with these molds is really a piece of cake! They’re made of top-quality silicone so getting the cupcakes out won’t be any trouble, and they’re super easy to clean. To make things even easier, we made them dishwasher safe. Now you can keep the fun of baking and forget the endless hours of washing cake liners! And forget those troublesome paper wrappers that your kids and grandkids always struggle to remove before eating the cupcake. With these simple silicone molds, they’re history!

100% safe, FDA approved

We wouldn’t sacrifice safety for appearance. We made sure our silicone is top-notch, BPA-free, and conforms to FDA standard. That makes our cupcake molds good for your health and more eco-friendly than your old paper baking cups -just the way you like it!

More than muffins and cupcakes

We know how much you enjoy baking cupcakes, but there’s so much more you can do with our silicone molds! From using them to freeze herbs and fruits, or as molds for larger ice cubes and gelatin, to cooking eggs, the possibilities are endless. Come share your innovative ideas with our cupcake-loving community in a comment!

Lifetime Warranty

The only thing you’ll love more than our cake liners is their Lifetime Warranty! Reliable, durable, and easy to use, these 24 piece cupcake liner set ticks all the boxes!