Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer

Enjoy restaurant-quality fries at home

The Kuuk potato slicer is a must have appliance for anyone who wants delicious, restaurant quality french fries in their own kitchen at home. Simply place a potato in the slicer and press down on the handle to create evenly sized chunks of potato-ready to go in the pan or deep fryer.

Easy to use-creates fries in seconds!

Simply place a potato in the device, press down, and presto! Your very own perfectly shaped potato fries. Choose between a more traditional, thicker cut for restaurant-style fries, or the thinner option for gourmet-style. Either way.. you’ll love them!

Create healthy sticks to use with dips

Cut carrot or cucumber batons to use as a low carb, low fat healthy alternative to dip in to salsa, hummus, guacamole . You can also create zucchini or apple strips.