Kuuk Outdoor Wine Glass


Enjoy wine and other beverages outdoors without having to worry about spills or broken glass. These shatterproof wine glasses from Kuuk are made from tough, durable polycarbonate, meaning you can drink outside, anytime, anywhere, hassle-free. The easy-to-use design makes these a must-have for all your outdoor events.

Shatterproof and durable polycarbonate

The polycarbonate material used for the bowl of this glass is shatterproof on impact and highly stress resistant. The stem is made from the same tough polycarbonate, and combined together these make a near-unbreakable wine glass.

Patented magnet mechanism

A small magnet at the tip of the stem fits neatly into the base of the cup to create a sleek wine glass. The magnet mechanism works just as easily in reverse for when you need to store your Kuuk outdoor wine glass. Simply turn the glass cup over and place it on top of the stem, and both pieces will be held in place magnetically.

Separates for easy storage

This is the perfect wine glass for camping, hiking, or any other travel experience where you may be short on storage space. The glass fits firmly upside down on the stem, creating a closed dome that takes up half the space of a standard wine glass.

BPA-free and dishwasher safe

The smooth polycarbonate used in construction of these glasses is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. They also wash easily by hand, making them the perfect wine glass for camping as well.