Kuuk Drum Grater


Sick of grating for hours on end with a that old square grater? The Kuuk drum grater is an easy-to-use alternative that allows you to grate all manner of ingredients quickly and without hassle. Take your cooking to the next level-no extra effort required!

Fast and easy-grate in seconds!

Place the Kuuk hand rotary grater on a flat surface, lock the lever, and insert the circular blade. Then place your piece of food in the chute, press down, turn the handle and you will have fresh, finely grated produce ready for you, your family, or your guests to enjoy.

Two blades allow for many cooking options

Grate thin, fine cheese for pasta with the fine grater, or grate larger, thicker pieces to fill tacos with the grove grater. Both drums are easily interchangeable and feature razor-sharp, stainless steel rotary blades. Create thin strips of grated beets for a salad, and then grate thicker onion for use in the main dish. Whether its thick or thin grating you want, this hand drum grater has got you covered.

Simply turn handle to grate

Tired of endlessly grating on the old square grater? It can be time consuming to grate large amounts of produce-especially hard items like nuts or parmesan cheese and especially for large families or big groups of people. The Kuuk drum grater allows you to easily grate as much ingredient as you want-even for the whole family or large parties of guests.

Not limited to just cheese-grate anything you want!

Sure, this drum grater can help you grate as much cheese as you want in a short period of time. But it can also grate beets, carrots, onions, nuts and more! Whether it’s the ingredients for a salad or the topping on your latest dish, rest assured you can create it easily with this wonderful kitchen appliance.