Kuuk Digital Kitchen Meat Thermometer

Perfect for personal or commercial use

This digital thermometer, with probe included, works just as well for home or for professional use. It measures quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that your meat is cooked safely and to just the right temperature. The thin probe needle makes it easy to get a quick reading, no matter what you’re cooking. What’s more, the included battery will last over 4,000 hours so you’ll never need a replacement.

Lightning-quick read time

Don’t wait any longer than 4 seconds to know the temperature of your roast, ham, turkey or steak. The Kuuk digital thermometer is one of the fastest measuring thermometers on the market, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for a temperature reading and can get on with enjoying your meal.

High degree of accuracy

The Kuuk digital meat thermometer measures with accuracy of within ±0.9°F for all typical cooking temperatures between -58ºF and +572ºF. You can also easily switch between ºC and ºF. So whether you’re cooking up a roast or preparing a Christmas turkey, you’ll be able to safely measure the temperature of your dish and cook it perfectly to the desired amount.

Anti-Bacterial Casing and Auto On/Off

This digital cooking thermometer features anti-microbial plastic casing, which prevents bacteria from spreading on the surface and into your kitchen. The Kuuk thermometer also includes an automatic on/off feature, meaning it will automatically be ready whenever you want to use it and you won’t even have to worry about switching it off.