Kuuk Dicer

If you need finely diced, sliced or chopped ingredients but are sick of spending hours on food prep… then this is the most important kitchen appliance you will ever purchase. With an easy-to-use design and equipped with three different blades, the Kuuk handheld vegetable cutter is exactly what you need to make your cooking prep quicker and easier than ever.

Slice, dice and chop onions, vegetables, fruit and more!

Once you start to use it, you’ll be surprised at how many uses there are for this vegetable slicer. Sure, it prepares all your vegetables for you, but it can also cut potatoes, mushrooms, boiled eggs, and all manner of delicious fruit. The options are endless!

Dice onions with no tears!

The Kuuk vegetable cutter encloses onions when you cut them, so you’ll never cry when cooking with onions again. Simply cut an onion in half, and place one half in the cutter, and press down to create fine, evenly diced onions ready to be added to your latest dish.

Three blades for three cooking options

Included with this vegetable slicer are three blade attachments-the small dicer blade, large dicer blade, and straight slicer blade. So whether you’re dicing onions to simmer, slicing potatoes for french fries or preparing bell peppers for a salad, each is as simple and hassle-free as the next.

Made from food-safe, high grade plastic

This handheld vegetable chopper is made from reinforced materials and heavy duty, high quality plastic. Don’t worry about dangerous chemicals in your food as all materials used are completely safe. You can use the included cleaning brush to clean the dicer and blade, or just put everything in the dishwasher as this handheld vegetable slicer is also dishwasher safe!