Kuuk Chef Knife (Pink)


Make cooking quicker and easier than ever with this stylish stainless-steel kitchen knife. Distinctive in color and featuring a high-carbon, stainless steel blade, this professional addition to your kitchen improves not only the cooking process, but finished food result as well.

Stylish bright pink color

The sleek design of this knife combined with the smooth, bright pink color make it truly stand out in your kitchen. High grade, FDA-approved and food-safe resin is bonded to the stainless-steel surface of the knife to create the vibrant and unique coloring.

Multipurpose kitchen knife

Slice, dice, chop and mince with ease as you fast-track the cooking process for your latest dish. When you add this chef’s knife to your kitchen, you’ll no longer need the old bunch of knives—just this one for all your cooking needs.

High-grade stainless steel means truly professional quality

The high-carbon blade of this pink kitchen knife is stainless-steel type 5CR15MOV, making for an item of truly professional quality in your home. It is non-corrosive, hassle-free to clean, and cuts through even the toughest food with ease.

Comfortable, balanced, ergonomic handle

Even if you’re cooking for a long time, the shape of this stainless-steel knife’s handle ensures that your hand won’t start to hurt. What’s more, the handle is balanced with the blade so the weight of the knife remains poised in your hand. Finish prepping in one go and sit down sooner to enjoy your latest delicious dish.