Kuuk 5-Blade Herb Scissors


Save time and energy in the kitchen with these specialty herb-cutting scissors!

Slice & Dice Directly into Dishes
Cutting herbs can take a LONG time – especially if you cook often. With your Kuuk herb scissors you can quickly chop your herbs, either directly into the pot or pan or straight on to the plate as garnish. Keep flavours fresh and herbs crisp with this quick meal-prep tool.

5 Blades Make Quick Work of Your Herbs
Five 3-inch razor-sharp blades cut cleanly through all herb types, without crushing or bruising. One snip with these scissors is equal to five knife cuts for unparalleled cooking efficiency. Use these to chop herbs for salad, pasta, soups, pizza and more!

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Made from high quality, kitchen grade stainless steel, these scissors will never rust, bend or break. They are 100% dishwasher safe or you can easily clean them with warm soapy water in the sink.

Comfortable for all Hand Sizes & Easy-to-Use
With an ergonomic handle moulded from soft, anti-abrasive plastic, these are a comfortable fit for all hand sizes. The scissors snip smoothly and easily, with little pressure needed.

Includes Cleaning Brush
Your Kuuk herb shears come with a cleaning brush included absolutely FREE. The cleaning brush, to ensure you get those last little pieces of herb in your cooking.